Thursday, October 29, 2009


Good Morning and welcome to TRUE COLOURS THURSDAY. In honor of Halloween, today's colour is BLACK. Our host for today is Blue and if you'd like to play along, just run on over to her blog and let her know - it's that easy!!

Mom has been busy designing an Etsy label
because she thinks that maybe
she might try to list a few items on there -
so far she hasn't,
but you can see it shows our house
with its tarred BLACK roof.

And our BLACK walnut tree is
looking spooky against the blue sky.

Check out this little patient BLACK Scottie
dressed in a flying monkey costume.
He was posted on one of the
Scottie rescue sites.
We can't imagine doing this,
no matter how many treats were involved!

Here are our twin BLACK Angus calves
with their mother watching nearby.

And (um, DAD, hint,hint, wink, wink, nudge, nudge)
here is a purse that Mom wants
with a BLACK Scottie adorning it.

Have a great day and
enjoy our colorful world.
Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java


Sue said...

That;s an easy one for us. There are lots of black dogs around here.

Maxmom said...

I like 'Mooooos' too! ...But that poor doggie with wings ?!? I think I feel a bit sorry for it.

Oreo said...

OH NO!!!!

My mom fell in love with that scottie purse. Not like she needs another scottie purse, geeezzzz!!!

Great black pics!!


animal lover, quilt lover said...

Hi there,
That black and white scottie purse
was beautiful!!!! How knows someday I might make one.
Great pictures !!! I loved the tree too. Thank you for showing us your house, nice!!
Love you all, Bambi and Fern

Hollie and Janie said...

OMG! That scottie certainly is patient!! I have black cows at my grandparents! Aren't they the best???
I sure hope your mom gets that purse!!

Anonymous said...

why would anyone dress a dog up as a flying monkey?

wonder if that same person would dress a flying monkey up as a dog... wish I could ask him/her.

poor doggy

Poopsie aka Blue said...

Your tree sure does look spooky.
And, I love the bag!
But did expect to see @ least one real, black scottie - LOL!

Happy Halloween!
Love, pats & pets

ScrapsofMe said...

Wowser....what a serious howl-oh-weenie costume! I was sure you'd have a photo of the lovely Lily today. Great scary tree.

the magic sleigh said...

Wooos! What a costume!!!! Poor little guy, we had a guy come to our obedience trial dressed as one of those, but it was just a human... not as much fun as that little Scottie!
-Kira The BeaWootiful

Hamish Westie said...

Hey, great to see some of my local cattle breed in your post today!
Cheers, Hamish.

Dexter said...

I think that hapless scottie dog was frozen from that costume. It is a nice outfit as long as it is on some other doggie.


P.S. Momma likes the scary tree.

Bijou said...

You sure found some pawesome black things to share with us. We BOL at the flying monkey. What movie was that from I wonder?


NAK and The Residents of The Khottage said...

Pawesome selekhtion!

Tank woo fur sharing!


Two French Bulldogs said...

that sure is a long tail on that Scottie
Benny & Lily

♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

That black monkey is spooky, but we love that bag, hope Dad gets the hint.

woos, the OP Pack

Mason Dixie said...

Well done with the "black" choices this week

animal lover, quilt lover said...

Lynn, I was just stopping by to say thanks for your visits and your kind words!!!
Hope your are still getting better day by day.
Love you all, Fern

Molly the Airedale said...

No way could we be in any flying monkey costume either, guys!
We hope your dad gets the hint! That purse is gorgeous and so striking!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Teesha and Bindie said...

likes your black moo moos.

justjohn said...

Our Ms. Maggie goes NUTS over 'scottie cows'...

Anonymous said...

Good grief! A flying monkey Scottie??? I don't think so. That would be like trying to carry a Scottie around in that cute Scottie pocketbook! It's just wrong.

Roo Roo,

Carolyn Ford said...

A cute assortment of black for this week! The little scottie is adorable...

Mine is at:

Ziggy Stardust said...

Awesome use of the color black! Mommy loves the purse also.

Happy Halloween

licks and sniffs, Sasha

Leslie Shelor said...

The purse is great...don't blame Mom for wanting it. And it was great to meet her last week!

Rachel said...

I LOVE the flying monkey/scotty! Too cute! I hope he won whatever contest he was in. :)

Brenda said...

Thanks for stopping by! Love the label you have been working on. Cannot wait to see your wares. We put a Ladybug costume, that my daughter bought, on Ladybug the other day. That was a fiasco! We live back in the middle of woods down a long drive. No trick or treaters here so really no reason to make her suffer through it. lol.

tammy said...

Just dropping by wishing all of our blogging peeps a Happy Halloween! Love the flying monkey black Scottie, I want him!

from fhsk,& the Shih Tzu munchkins!

Oskar said...

Those cows look pretty big & that flying monkey make me BOL!

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