Monday, December 14, 2015


Last night,
while we were fast asleep,
it was daytime in Australia.

 Guess what was happening.

Through the magic
of AI,
a litter of 
Rocky Creek Puppies
was being born.

Beautiful Miss Maggie
was bred to

our handsome Arlo
(owned by L. Rosenberg)
and the son of 
Piper and Carrleigh.
He was from the litter
of eight puppies
we had a few years back.

who will be going to live
with some of these puppies
is their proud cousin.

 You know what,
their Mom couldn't count
any better than ours could.

There were 7 puppies
and they thought Maggie was finished,
then 6 hours later,
there were 8.

We are betting there
might be 9!!

Mom and Rabbie
are rocking and waiting.

Piper, Celti, Ivy,
Rabbie and Lilly

Monday, December 7, 2015


We know you love
to see the families
of the puppies.

 Here's Winston's human brother
the night that Winston got home.
It looks like they are bonding well.

 And here they are 
in Winston's bed!!
Little Winston looks
all tuckered out - 
we love that his has his own boy!

 Daisy has her own new pack -
a Westie and a Havanese.  
And we were so busy talking
with her new Mom,
we forgot to ask their names.

We think we might go visit
them after the new year 
so we'll ask then.

Just so you can see 
how fast 
The Sweet Buglets grew.

Rocky Creek's Daisy Belle MacCelti

Rocky Creek's Rabbie Burns MacCelti

                       Rocky Creek's Winston MacCelti

Rocky Creek's Tribute to Lilly by RedRox

Piper, Celti, Ivy
Rabbie and Lilly

Sunday, December 6, 2015


Yesterday was the day...

the day that we
get to place the 
puppies in the arms
of their new owners.

Mom looks forward
to doing this 
from the time
the puppies are conceived.

She says there's nothing 
quite like the feeling
of giving someone
a little piece of your heart.

 (photo courtesy of Daisy Belle's Mom)

Both puppy parents
 found our driveway
without too much trouble
and made the trek
down the road
to our farm 
to meet their new puppy
for the first time.

 (photo courtesy of Daisy Belle's Mom)

Daisy Belle's Mom
wanted to do a photo shoot
and you know how we love that!!
We were more than 
happy to comply.
We got 
the Sweet Buglets
all dressed up 
in their little sweaters
and took them outside.

 (photo courtesy of Daisy Belle's Mom)

It was the first time
the had ever been outside.
Getting them to pose
in the tub
was a two woman job.
Daisy Belle's sister
and our Mom
wrangled pups
while Daisy Belle's mom
photographed puppies.

Here we have
Daisy Belle, Rabbie, Winston and Lilly

 This is Daisy Belle
as she is getting ready 
to go to her new home.

She is in the arms 
of her Mom, Christine.
Her sissy, Katie,
will be going away
to college soon
but we know she's 
going to be doing
a lot of loving 
on Miss Daisy.

 When we came back
in the house,
there they were.....

Rabbie, Lilly and Winston

Before long,
we heard Celti barking
and Mom looked
out the window
and saw a silver vehicle
in our drive.

She went out to meet
Winston's new Peep.

 Here's Winston
with his Dad, Nick.
He also has a human brother
who couldn't make the trip
to pick him up
but was anxiously
waiting to see him 
when he got home.

And look what happened
this morning to Mr. Rabbie.
Guess he was just waiting
for everyone to leave
so he could pop up that ear!!

Piper, Celti, Ivy
Two Sweet Buglets

Saturday, December 5, 2015


Last night,
we wanted to give
the pups
their bath
because we 
didn't want them
to get chilled
by getting one 
this morning.

It is
a nippy 22 degrees F. here right now!!

We love
first bath photos!!

They all did so good
in the bath.

They still smell
semi-sweet this morning.

Safe travels
to the peeps
that are coming 
to get their puppies today.


Piper, Celti, Ivy
The Sweet Buglets

Friday, December 4, 2015


...the bittersweet day....

We know that tonight's
the last night that
The Sweet Buglets
will all sleep 
snuggled all together
just like they have
since they were born.

Here they are 
in their first
Christmas photos.

We'll label them so 
you know who is who.

 Rocky Creek's Daisy Belle MacCelti

  Rocky Creek's Daisy Belle MacCelti

  Rocky Creek's Daisy Belle MacCelti

 Rocky Creek's Rabbie Burns MacCelti

 Rocky Creek's Rabbie Burns MacCelti

 Rocky Creek's Rabbie Burns MacCelti

Rocky Creek's Winston MacCelti 

 Rocky Creek's Winston MacCelti

 Rocky Creek's Winston MacCelti

 Rocky Creek's Tribute to Lilly by RedRox

 Rocky Creek's Tribute to Lilly by RedRox

Rocky Creek's Tribute to Lilly by RedRox

It's a sad/happy time for us.

We love these little rascals
but we know that it's time
for them to go to their new homes.

Tomorrow Daisy Belle and Winston
will leave us to go to 
their forever homes.
They won't be far away
so we hope we'll get
to see them from time to time.

It has been an honor and a joy
to get these wonderful puppies
started on their life's journey.
We love them all.

Piper, Celti, Ivy
Mom and Dad

Wednesday, December 2, 2015


But occasionally one does.
We knew last month
sent us two bags
in the mail 
but Mom only let us
open one.

That sneaky Ivy
not only opened one
but ate the whole thing
without getting her photograph taken
or sharing it with us.

From the looks of things,
these True Chews
look to be about 6 inches long!!

And from the smell of Ivy's breath,
they were mighty tasty -
every one of them....

Oh, well..

there's always December

We know we're a little late on November...

We also know there is going to be 
a contest in December 
for the cutest dog
in a Chewy box.

 We may have the cutest puppies
but we don't think we've
got a chance at winning.

Mom could hardly 
get back from the box
fast enough 
to snap 
all four together.

 Out goes one...

 Then another...

And then it looks 
like they are all
trying to get back in 
with Rabbie.

They love playing 
with a box but can 
only be trusted 
for a few seconds
before we hear the ripping start.

Piper, Celti, Ivy
The Sweet Buglets

Wednesday, November 25, 2015


With a little bit of help
from Celti,
we are becoming more successful
at getting all of the pups
up at one time.

Notice that Miss Daisy Belle
has her ears
standing straight up today.
That was the first thing
we noticed when
we got up this morning.

Piper, Celti, Ivy
The Sweet Buglets

Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Dad set the standard pretty high
when he made this  photo
of our fist clan of puppies.

Ever since that time,
Mom tries and tries
to get a photo
of all of them standing
on the edge of the puppy box.

Here's Maddie, McDhubh and Obie -
they will soon be celebrating
their 7th birthday!!

 Here's Mom's poor attempts
at getting all of this clan
to come to the front.

Rabbie's Dad says
they jump up and down like a 

 We're beginning to think
Daisy Belle
must be camera shy today.

We hate to report
that one of our bestest seasonal toys,
give to us by Maggie and Mitch,
for Christmas,
many years ago,
has now been puppyized!!

Sadly, it can't be repaired
and our Mom wants us all 
to be safe and not eat squeakers.

We know she loves us,
but we'll miss Rudolph -
we got lots of hours of enjoyment
playing with him.

Piper, Celti, Ivy
The Sweet Buglets
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