Sunday, September 27, 2009


We find this hard to believe -
we have reached post #150.

Our Mom/Secretary/Photographer/DOH
is taking a week off
from the computer.
If you wish to contact us,
you should email us at

rockycreekscotties at yahoo dot com.
She will check the email twice a day.
And when she is relaxing in the evening,
she might help us take a stroll
through your blogs.

She said something about Blogger
taking over her life
and that she has some artsy
things to do before Christmas.
She needs to get organized.

And one day,
Lilly will go for the
initial introduction to her new paramour.
We hope they like each other.

See you next week,
(if we can stay away)

Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

Friday, September 25, 2009


Our silly Mom was trying to get ahead of herself
and get this blog on for Saturday,
but for some reason no matter
what time we schedule it for,
it comes back to the top
(and won't wait for tomorrow)
Please read the post below too.

Our furiend, Khyra,
alerted us to the
Pet Postcard Project.
For every homemade postcard sent
in this month,
a pound of dog food will be donated
to shelter animals.
Mom just went through one
of our picture files
and picked out some favorites
and captioned them with dogvice.
Several post cards can be mailed
in one envelope.

These are a few we chose.

Happy designing.
Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java


Many is the time you hear folks say,

I would rather give a dollar than bake today.

And so, we are asking you more or less

to make our bakeless bake sale a big success.

We are hosting a bakeless bake sale
to help
with the
of his med
(if you click on his name,
it will take you to his Paypal link)

Don't feel obligated to purchase a lot.
We know every little bit helps.
Mostly they ask for our thoughts and prayers.

But if you have a bit
of extra treat money,
please "purchase" one of these
delightful "illusions" for Woodrow.
For your pleasure today,
we have the following items.

Rose petal cheese cake

Carob Chip Cookies
$5.00 for a dozen

Homemade Dog Treats
$1.00 each
The satisfaction of helping our friend in need

To donate or not is up to you,
but if you can't donate, please send them
some wonderful
"power of the paw"

Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

Please feel free to post and link to this on your blog.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


A bag of dog food has been donated
in your honor
The Twin County Humane Society.


Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

The colours for today are blue and yellow together.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I have been nagging Mom all day
to tell about the color of Labs.
And Lilly has rolled her eyes
a countless number of times
as only a Scottie can do.
Lilly says that everyone knows that
Labs only come in three colors,
black, yellow and chocolate.
But I say Lilly is just being stubborn -
I need to get the word out
about my breed too!!

But something happened tonight
that made Lilly give in.

The Lovely Miss Fergi,
who Lilly admires like no othe
and Sir Jake, who Piper tries to emulate,
said that they thought that
should have equal time
to tell about the color
Labrador Retrievers.

So here goes......

I, Spencer's Java Bean,
am a Chocolate Labrador R
There was a time in our history
when some breeders would kill

any Chocolate Labs that were born
because they were deemed undesirable.

Only Black Labs and
Yellow Labs
were allowed to compete for titles.
Now they are all allowed to compete
for any title, regardless of color.

Dexter, aka PeeWee,
is a Black Labrador Retriever.

And so is Buddy.

Zack and Sassy are
Yellow Labrador Retrievers.

Many people want to call
Yellow Labs
by the wrong name.
They want to call them
Golden Labrador Retrievers.

There are no
Golden Labrador Retrievers.

Only Golden Retrievers
like the beautiful
Miss Sammie
the lovely
Miss Sierra Rose.

Some breeders are trying
to develop a Silver Lab -
Mom was very interested in this
at one time
and planned on trying to purchase a silver mate for me,
but our doctor
"put the kabosh" on that idea.
Silver Labs are not recognized
at this time by AKC.
(She started saving her nickels
to purchase the dog and because
of this was going to name her Nickel)

The Labrador did not come from Labrador,
but from Newfoundland.

Labrador Retrievers are marvelous
guide dogs and can be trained easily.
They make wonderful hunting companions
and household pets.
At the end of 2008,
they have been
the top AKC registered dog
for the past 18 years.

Guess that shows those pesky Scotties
whose the boss,
doesn't it?


Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Due to the media,
most people think that
Scotties are all black.
They don't realize that

AKC recognizes 6 different colors.
The colors they recognize are
According to Dr. T. Allen Kirk in his book,
This is the Scottish Terrier,
he states there are 10 distinct colors.

Lilly is what Scottie breeders
refer to as black
or blue/black.
The only place that white is allowed
is on the chest and chin.
There may be a few stray
white or other colored hairs
throughout the coat.

Ebony is blue/black.
So is Maggie
And from their pictures,
Just John's Scotties,
Monty, Maggie and Brody,
appear to be blue/black.

We couldn't find an example
of a red brindle among the bloggers
so we got this picture
from the
Scottsh Terrier Club of America website.

This silver-brindle Scottie
has gone to the Rainbow Bridge.
He belonged to D. A Sweigart,
one of Mom's favorite Scottie artist.

This silver brindle girl
was a kennel mate of Carrleighs.
She now lives at
Shady Nook Scottie Farm.

Mom thinks that brindle and black brindle
are probably the same colors
(or really very close.)
It's hard to differentiate on
the color of brindles -
even the STCA pictures one
brindle at different stages of life/grooming
that appear to be a different color
of brindle - could be the lighting or grooming.
This handsome black brindle boy
is Obie,
the son of Lilly and Piper.
In this picture he appears red,
but in reality he is very golden.
And this beautiful black brindle girl
is our friend,
Snazzi Jazzi.

And you recognize
this lovely Wheaten Scottie
Impish Carrleigh Kilbride
Rocky Creek Farm.
Carrleigh is a very light
translucent color.
Our boy, Piper,
is a very red Wheaten
and it shows up more on his back
than on his chest.
Bonnie looks to be about the
same color as Carrleigh,
maybe a bit blonder.
And little Miss Fiona
is just a Wheaten cutie.
Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

Monday, September 21, 2009


On Saturday morning,
we awakened to the smell of
green beans cooking.
"What's this?" we asked.
Before daylight we were walked
and soon Mom and Dad
were on their way.

It was the day
of the
Scottish Terrier Club of Western Virgina's
Specialty Dog Show.
Mom and Dad are both members
so hence the green beans -
the members provided the lunch
for the participants.

We're so glad we got to stay at home -
it looks like they had set up a torture chamber.

There was more grooming
and bathing and hairspraying
going on than there is
for a human beauty pageant.

Mom, the dogshow novice,
was in charge of passing
out the numbers.
See the little Scottie on the pole
in front of Mom?
The founding family
of the
Scottish Terrier Club of Western Virginia
have won so many trophies
they took the Scotties
from them and made poles to
run the ring rope through.

This little black girl
from Charthill Kennels
was quite the entertainer.

This was the only Wheaten Scottie
in the show.
And this little gal
saw the Winner's Circle twice.

And this beauty from
Anstamm Kennels
won the
Kirk Breeder's Cup
And Mom came home and took one look at us
and said,
"Our grooming habits are changing"
Even though we don't look it,
we know we are all champions
in the eyes and hearts of
Mom and Dad.

But she did bring us a
Scottish Terrier Cookie Jar
that is full of treats!

And now we are hiding,
because we know she is
going to try to make us look
like show dogs.

Java is so lucky
he doesn't have a beard -
she'd be trying to make him
look like a Scottie.

Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Good Morning,
And welcome to Wheely Wednesday. It seems as if we have been trying to upload our pictures for hours. Google is not cooperating with us today.

Java entered a contest over at Orvis. If you feel so inclined, please go over and vote for him. Just click on his picture for the link. There is a charge for voting - $1.00 per vote, but Orvis will match your vote dollar for dollar. When you donate, you'll help save dogs' lives by funding important research through the Canine Cancer Campaign.

As many of you know last week,
Mom was involved in helping
our local Sylvatus Ruritan Club
with their Flea Market.
She sells things so she can
afford to buy things.
She found this wonderful
iron Scottie dog
that we will be using
for a boot scrape.
When we first saw it,
we thought it was a really tall Scottie,
but then she explained to us
that about 5 inches of it's legs
will be buried in the ground.

Doesn't this figurine
remind you of Hamish?
When Mom saw it,
along with it's battle scars,
it spoke of wisdom to her.

M0m is always on the lookout
for a little turquoise -
the color, not the stone.
She forgot her hat when she left
to go to the Flea Market,
so as soon as she saw this
beautiful umbrella,
she knew she needed it
to shade her from the sun.
Plus it helped Dad
locate her in the crowd.
(She wanted us to pose with it,
but we are afraid of umbrellas -
we'd rather get wet than
walk under one)
Java needed a new food bowl
(well not yet, but Mom breaks one
about every 3 months)
so she found this beautiful
vintage turquoise bowl for him.
We don't know why she got the crock.
We suppose it's turquoise and chipped
and called out to her.

Guess what came up in our garden,
all by itself!
We watched the plant to see what
it would be.
We knew it was either
a cucumber, squash, watermelon or cantaloupe.
Well the fruit got large enough to identify
and then large e
nough to harvest.

And is it ever delicious.
We gobbled it down so fast
that Mom could hardly get
our picture.
And guess what?
She picked another one yesterday.
We hope we can convince her
to cut it this morning.

Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java
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