Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Since everyone at
Rocky Creek Farm
has been so busy,
with 9 puppies
and a new calf popping
out every other day,
we decided we would all to take a break
for our first

Lilly, Piper, and Carrleigh
were the judges.
Dad was the emcee
and our lovely Mom
handed out the awards.

Funny thing - every dog won
1st PLACE!!

Hamish -
The FIRST born

The FIRST to see his forever family

The FIRST to weigh 5 pounds.

The FIRST to fly on an airplane.
(he will be flying to AZ in 2 weeks
with his new peeps)

The FIRST dog born on Rocky Creek Farm
to remain with our pack.

The FIRST one whose ears stood up.

The FIRST to do a "Scottie Stand".

The FIRST to jump out of our puppy basket
on an international blog.

The FIRST to open her eyes.

Thank you for sharing this monumental
FIRST event with us.
We hope you enjoy your "break"
as much as we did.

The Rocky Creek Scotties

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Remember the first time
you saw the puppies in their basket,
it was Valentine's Day
and they were 5 days old.
We thought they would never fill the basket.

That's quite a different picture
from today -
they are 7 weeks old

and out of the basket.
The first one to leave us will be Finleigh (Snazzi Jazzi).
She will go to her forever home on her
8 week birthday,
which is next Tuesday.
Then on Wednesday,
Scarlet will leave.

We will sure miss those little "poopies"

The Rocky Creek Scotties

Monday, March 29, 2010


As Mom chases that illusive photo
of all nine puppies standing
at the puppy box -
(she has seen eight up there
but before she can get the camera
they all back down)
she notices how they are changing daily.
What big eyes they have -
the better to see you with, my dear!

What big ears they have -
the better to hear you with, my dear.
And they can hear Mom as soon as she
starts filling their food bowls.
It's funny to see them scramble around
and get in place to eat.

And what big teeth you have -
the better to bite you with, my dear!!
And they can bite-
in fact one of them bit one
of the puppy parents when they came to visit
and it bled!!
Some say that the inside of an adult Scottie's mouth
is about the same size as the inside
of an adult German Shepard's mouth.
And that's BIG!

The Rocky Creek Scotties

Saturday, March 27, 2010


..... like

a good meal,

a little entertainment

and a clean bed

to make one
"sleep like a puppy"

The Rocky Creek Scotties

(entertainment provided by Finleigh,
and sleeping provided by Murphy)

Friday, March 26, 2010


Good Morning,

We've been tagged by
Downunder Daisy
to open our first file
and display the 10th picture.
After that we need to tag
5 more participants.

If you haven't met
Downunder Daisy,
you owe it to yourself
to stop by and pay a visit.
She is a sweet Scottie gal
with two sweet Scottie sisters,
Bella and Kendra.

One of the things that we think is so very cool
is that her Alpha is a transplanted Virginian!

We changed the rules a bit
as our first folder is
a 2002 Christmas folder
from when Mom and Dad lived in CA.
Who wants to see them in their PJ's.......

We picked our first folder from today -
you know our peeps take at least 100 pictures
every day of the puppies

This is our 10th picture in today's new folder.
Shows the different colors of our babes.

And here they are
from the other side -
we can only see 7 of them -
2 must have been sleeping.
How many can you see?

Now for the 5 people we tag -
Fern of Animal Lover-Quilt Lover
Maggie and Mitch
Snazzi Jazzi
Richardson Zoo
Bella the Westie

This is a fun tag
and gives one a little trip
down memory lane.

Have a FANTASTIC Friday.

The Rocky Creek Scotties

Thursday, March 25, 2010


It's time for those 6-week photos.
We had hoped it would be warm enough
to take the pups outside,
but the ground is still so cold
and an ill wind is blowing.

So Mom dragged out our clan tartan
and photographed them on it.

who is still waiting
to find out where his
furrever home will be.

Bailey (old name - Angus)

by next week those ears
will be straight up.

Murphy (old name - Finley)
did not want to stay awake for
his snapshot
no matter how many crazy
noises Mom made.

Ruairi Coinneach of Rocky Creek Farm
(old name - Henry)

Scarlet Sage-
she is getting a new sissy
who is 1 week younger than she is.
We will be photographing them together
when she comes to get Scarlet.

Snazzi Jazzi
whose new name is

Ciera who is waiting
to see where her new home
will be.

who is also waiting to see
where she will be living.

Have a fantastic day,
The Rocky Creek Scotties

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


The puppies are 6-weeks old today,
so it was time for them to go
for their second V-E-T visit.

Here are the girls waiting.
They only had to wait a few seconds -
as soon as Mom went in with all of them,
she was called back.
She had time to make two pictures
before Dr. Jim and 3 techs
came in to check them out.

And our silly Mom
laid down her camera
and forgot to make any more pictures
of the examination.
Dr. Jim was very impressed with
all of the puppies and they all
got an "EXCELLENT" on their exam sheets.
He asked Mom if she bathed them
before their visit because they smelled so good
and their hair was so nice and fluffy.
He was surprised to hear that Mom
put baby powder between their sheets
and it kept them smelling so sweet.

Mom was just beaming when she left his office
from all of the nice compliments
he gave to the little ones.

They will go for their next Vet visit
in two weeks and then will be ready
to go to their furrever homes.
By tomorrow we will know where most
of them will be living -
maybe one is going to be living close to you!

And then they got to go visit
Granny and Aunt Mary.
They played with them for about 10 minutes
and then were so comfy
they settled down and went right to sleep.

They did well with seeing all of the new people,
riding in the car
and being in a crate.

They have all listened
to the helpful hints they received from
Moma Carrleigh, Papa Piper and Aunt Lilly.
And we know that our personal angel, Grandpa Java
is always looking out for them.

The Rocky Creek Scotties

Monday, March 22, 2010


We feel so blessed that our sweet Carrleigh
was able to carry and deliver
9 healthy puppies.
Do you know that Carr's normal weight
is about 22 pounds
and those 9 puppies alone
(without any of the fluids and junk that come with them)
weighed 4 1/2 pounds at birth -
they averaged 8 ounces each.
Now collectively they weigh
about 35 pounds -
Mom is getting stronger day by day
just by carrying their basket.

Other than the puppies,
and the wonderful parents they have picked,
we find ourselves being thankful
on a daily basis

Baby Powder -
it gets sprinkled in between the sheets
on their bed every time we change it -
and it makes them smell baby sweet.

These little munchkins
that keep us on our toes -
they eat 4 times a day now
and by the time we get everything cleaned,
it's time to start it all over again.

Clorox products -
where would we be without
bleach and wipes.

Aunt Lilly,
who is a great babysitter
and loves to play with the puppies.

Zorbx -
it's the best thing we've found
to combat odors -
it doesn't cover them up
or smell perfumy -
it just makes them disappear.

The custom made puppy bed
our friend, Carolyn, gave us -
and the fact that the puppies piddle
on the clean sheets the minute
it get's changed -
it's like a race to see who can be first!

And an automatic, water saver,
washer and dryer.
Don't let this picture fool you -
this is only how Mom dreams
our laundry room would look.

And their wonderful Father, Piper.
Without him,
we wouldn't have these
little bundles of joy.

And this never ending pile of laundry -
now we are using about 15 sheets per day
keeping their beds cleaned.

Gotta run -
did you hear the dryer buzzer?

Until next time,

The Rocky Creek Scotties

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Puppies! Puppies! Puppies!

Ruairi is not the only puppy
with a new name.

Finlay is now named Murphy.

Angus is now named Bailey.

Have a fantastic weekend.
Remember your sunscreen when you go out.

The Rocky Creek Scotties

Friday, March 19, 2010


We had so much fun
with the name the puppies contest.
And no doubt,
some of the puppies will be keeping
the names you gave them,
or even switching with other puppies.


A king has been born on
Rocky Creek Farm.

We must tell you that
your boy, Henry,
has an old home
and a new name.

He will be staying with us
and his new name is
Ruairi Coinneach of Rocky Creek Farm.
It translates to "handsome red king"
and he will go by Ruairi (Rory).

We can hardly wait to see
what names the other puppies will get.

The Rocky Creek Scotties

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Last Friday when Dad brought the mail home,
we were surprised to find that he found
Flat Brutus
in our mail box.

He looked so nice and fresh,
Mom was almost afraid
to take our picture with him.

Look at him in the basket with our puppies -
he is about the same size as they are.

Can you see him here?
It didn't take but a few seconds
before the puppies decided that he looked tasty,
so Mom had to quickly rescue him.
And he came out without any bite marks
and still in one piece.

Here's Finlay
doing his Flat Brutus imitation.
He was so sleepy that his head
kept falling down.
Even though you can't see them,
he has his legs positioned just like Flat Brutus.

Then Mom got this bright idea
that she wanted to get a picture of we adults
sitting on the bench on our front porch with him.
Frankly we're a bit frightened of Flat Brutus.
While she was trying to get us situated,
the girls started to fight with each other
and while getting that untangled,
she dropped Piper's leash
and he saw a great opportunity
to go exploring.

Mom got the girls in the house
and into their respective corners
so Piper got to pose with Flat Brutus -
not too close together,
but on the same bench.

Thank you Michelle and Brutus
for sending Flat Brutus to us.
He will be leaving Rocky Creek Farm tomorrow
to go to visit the pups at
Ginji's Corner.
Fair Winds and Following Sails,
Flat Brutus.

The Rocky Creek Scotties
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