Friday, April 24, 2009

Saving One Pet

Good Morning All,

Yesterday, Mom received an email from a friend of hers who is always passing on pictures and articles about shelter pets that need adoption. On the bottom of it was this quote, "Saving one pet won't change the world... but surely the world will change for that one pet." Mom can't take any foster pets right now because we are overcrowded as it is with the four of us, but she does offer her assistance to the local humane society by helping out if they get any Scotties or small terriers that have grooming or skin issues and financially when she can. Occasionally she attends a pancake breakfast to help support them and they don't let dogs come!!

Many people where we live are having to ask for assistance to purchase pet food due to the economic downturn - so many don't realize when the purchase a cute puppy at a pet store or adopt one from someone in a Wal-mart parking lot that they have a responsibility that could last for about 15 years. Mom says, "I know "I'm preaching to the choir" when I tell this to all of you because you are all responsible pet owners - I think I just had to put it out there this morning."

Many of you are rescue pets, and many of your peeps help out in rescue crisis and we surely do ARRROOO that. To see the horror of what goes on in puppy mills, please go over and visit
Jake and Fergi's blog. Fergi recently escaped the horror of having litter after litter of puppies in a puppy mill. She celebrated her "bust-out" birthday just this week. To see the videos regarding puppy mills and dog auctions, click on the links at the top of our sidebar.

We hope we can encourage all of your peeps not to fall in love with that pet shop puppy - unless he was like Java and 4 months old - the biggest dog in the store and no one wanted him - everyone wanted little puppies, but Mom and Java "looked into each other's soul" the minute their eyes met and Mom knew she couldn't leave him there not knowing what his fate would be. And Java was even "on sale" - at a very low cost - we can't imagine the store wasn't making some profit on him. Our friend,
Mitch, was rescued from a pet shop in the same type of situation. For the most part purchasing pet shop puppies encourages puppy mills to produce more and more puppies because most puppies in pet shops come from puppy mills. There are a few responsible pet shop owners out there that purchase from responsible breeders.

We encourage all of you to tell your stories, whether you are from a responsible breeder or whether you are from a pet shop or puppy mill. We know that by being with your caring people, all of the stories will have a happy ending.

Abolish puppy mills,
Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java


Maggie and Mitch said...

We can't agree with you more about staying away from pet shop puppies! Puppy mills need to become extinct!
Bummer that you guys can't go to the pancake breakie too!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...


Mom is doing a transport leg on Sunday that inkhludes three of the khutest pups woo will see!
Sadly, one of the pups had a home ready fur him BUT the dad found out he's going on layoff and khouldn't khommit to the expense/etc so now he'll be available when he gets up here.

Mom khan't have another khanine right now SOOO she does what she khan when she khan.

PeeEssWoo: She went to one of those pankhake thigs last Saturday WITHOUT ME!

Sally said...

Hi - we love your blog and drop by to see what you are up to. We are friends with Fergi and Jake and can't bear thinking about their life before now - We agree about the Puppy Mills and that too many people think of dogs as a commodity! But the message needs to keep getting out there until something gets done and those horrible mills are banned everywhere!
Pancake breakfast? This is something that we think should involve dogs.
Lots of licks
Sally and Paddy

TwoSpecialWires said...

HOWWWWL can we get so far behind? Mom hasn't let us check anyone's blogs for several days because so much has piled up around here, but we just read yours (the first one we came to) and we see that you did a whole blog on responsible pet adoption and ownership. It makes us feel really good to know we have friends that are ambassadors to "shut down puppy mills!" and who even link their friends to our blog. It really does make us feel good. We found out last week that another wft is in the process of rescue and adoption because of our message. Thanks, so much, for being the good friends you are. We are so glad we know you!

Keep on waggin,
Jake and Fergi

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