Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Have a wonderful Wheelie Wednesday

Mitch and Sarah are leaving today. We hate to see them go, but know they must go back to California to jobs and to our nephew dog, Odie.

When Mitch was little, he and our sister, Kat and Mom and Dad lived in the Philippines. Our Dad was a Marine and he felt very fortunate to take his family to live there. While they were there, Mitch developed a love for Filipino food and our huMom had their housegirl teach her how to make some of his favorite dishes.

Yesterday we got to help Mom make Filipino food. We chopped, we diced, we fried, we stir fried, we steamed, but best of all we tasted!! But we were so busy doing all of that we didn't take any pictures. We helped Mom make Siu Bao - little meat filled dough purses that she steamed, lumpia - it's like an egg roll, but no sprouts - just a meat/veggie filling. We also made Pancit Canton - a noodle, vegetable and meat dish and fried rice with vegetables. Mom also made her special garlic sauce to dip the lumpia. We got to taste the carrots, the Siu Bao filling and some of the lumpia wrappers. Our peeps really know how to drag in the good food!!

Today Mom and Dad are taking Mitch and Sarah back to the airport - the one with the "No Scottie" sign out front. Before they go, they are going by Grannys to have chicken and dumplings. Guess what we get to do - stay home!

Have a Happy Wheelie Wendesday,
Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java


Rachel said...

The Phillipino food sounds yummy but the Chicken N Dumplins sounds out of this world! Thanks for stopping by to see us. WE live in Augusta Co. (very broad I know...) close to the border of Highland Co. I've only lived in VA. for 3 yrs so I'm not sure where your Co. is? Give those crazy Scots a hug for me and the pack!

TwoSpecialWires said...

Yummmmm. You are making us drool, and we've already eaten breakfast. We're sure it wasn't as good as the food you had over the past few days. (Tell Mitch and Sarah to come back soon!)

Still hungry, now that our appetites have been whetted,
Jake and Fergi :))

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

My mom says evfurryone is being soooo mean today...there has been sushi and now your yummy stuff!

Safe travels fur all!


pughy said...

Sounds very yummy. A very safe journey back for all your humans.

Hugs Ginger Jasper xx

the TN Bull Terrors said...

Dawgmom loves Chicken & Dumplins!! And yer supper sure sounds better than our froggie legs did, at least yer DawgParents didn't make the fire department almost come over!

Feather, Darla & Pappy, the TN Bull Terrors

Mason Dixie said...

That sign is profiling and you should dress up as another breed and demand to be let in. =)

karensbrae said...

The food sounds yum.

GoldenSamantha said...

Yum. That's all I can do with my tail as mom types! Yumyumyum wag wag wag... come and visit ME anytime!
Hugs and Licks,
Sammie xo

Maggie and Mitch said...

We've never had Filipino food so we can only imagine how tasty it is! That was very sweet of your mom to make it for Mitch and Sarah before they left for home!
Aireports can sure be unfair to us doggies!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

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