Monday, April 6, 2009

Life is Grand - coming up roses

Good Morning,

We are all still in our beds sleeping, but we told Mom last night what we wanted to post today so she is getting and early start on things. We all have chores to finish up before our brother, Mitch and his fiance', Sarah get here on Wednesday from California.

This is our nephew, Odie - he looks scary in his bee costume, but we know we could "take him". He lives with Mitch and Sarah. We thought he was going to come with them on the trip, but their friend Pat is going to take care of him while they are here. He is the product of a chihuahua and a doxie - he is called a chiwennie (Mom doesn't know how to spell it). Anyway we were looking forward to playing tug of war with him - hehe. And we think that's why he's not coming!!

Several dogs have been posting about their "Grand Life" and challenging others to do it. If you like please do it on your blog. All you need to do is list 5 things about why your life is grand. We are each going to list one and then let Mom have the last one.

Lilly thinks "life is grand" because she is not longer in heat. She doesn't have to wear the little boy underwear anymore and now she and Piper can play together again.

Piper thinks "life is grand" just because he's here and he's alive. He always seems to have a smile on his face.

Carrleigh thinks "life is grand" because she gets fed on a regular basis and Dad lets her sit on his lap.

Java thinks "life is grand" because he is living out his golden years (he will be the equivalent of 94 human years on his barkday in July) on a beautiful farm. He can go outside for a few minutes and sniff out a trail - check messages - come back and ring the bell on the door and Mom appears "out of nowhere" to let him in.

Mom thinks "life is grand" because she is living out her childhood dreams. To read more about this go to our website -

Yesterday, we were given this lovely bouquet of roses by
Golden Samatha.

These pink roses are given to friends,
bringing them a sweet and fruitful day.
Those who receive these roses as a gift need to
pass it on to friends to show them you care.
And to those who received the roses,
it's to show you are never forgotten.

We so appreciate them and would like to pass them to a few of our friends. First we would like to pass them back to Sammie who has been a real encourager for us as we joined the world of blogging. We'd like to send them to Mason Dixie who is another encourager and has such a fun life. And we'd love to send the to Asta - she is one busy dog - always so helpful to her peeps and another wonderful encourager.

Have a fantabulous day. After Mom gets back from the dentist we know she has a lot of chores for us to do. We know for sure that we have to chase and bark at the vacuum cleaner and we're sure there are plenty of other evil household items from which we can protect our Mom.

Happy Trails and Waggin' Tails,
Rocky Creek Scotties


Footheel Sock Knitter said...

Good Morning!

My hub and were gone all day and till late last nite to help our son out w/ a vechicle. I just read my blog this morning and saw the nice news. Thank you so much! I have never expected anyone to send me one. And after you did another reader/from Scotland/also sent me one. I'll post later today all about it. Louies going this morning for a haircut.LOL!

Maggie and Mitch said...

What a bummer that Odie won't be coming with Mitch and Sarah! We've never heard of a chiwennie before! He is pretty cute in his bee costume!
We're off to check out your mom's website!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Mason Dixie said...

Thank you so much for thinking of me to pass on these great awards. I have already made a post on the five things that make my life grand. I do think having you guys as friends adds to that list. =) Congratulations on receiving these pawsome awards.

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