Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Foster Falls, VA - New River

Good Morning All,

Today is International Earth Day. We think everyday should be Earth Day. We have such a beautiful planet to share with each other and we try to do our best to help it out as much as we can. Mom is very g
ood about recycling and Dad always picks up any litter that he can. This weekend he and Mom will be picking up litter in our community as a service project through the Ruritan Club.

We received 2 awards today from Baby Rocket Dog and Hootie. They, along with their Mom, Cassie, are some of our best blogging buddies. We've seen that they are kind blogging buddies to a lot of you too. We love their names!!

The first award is the PROXIMITY award. This blog invests and believes in the PROXIMITY - nearness in space, time and relationships. These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in prizes or self-aggrandizement! Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers! Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this clever-written text into the body of their award. (All this prize requires is to pass it on!)

The second award is Neno's Award: ~As a dedication for those who love blogging activity and love to encourage frie
ndships through blogging.

To seek the reason why we all love blogging.

~Put the award in one post as soon as you receive it.

~Don’t forget to mention the person who gives you the award.

~Answer the Award’s question by writing the reason why you love blogging.

~Tag and distribute the Award to as many people as you like.

Remember to notify the awardees and put their links in your post.

To answer the award's question, we love blogging because it gets us out of our living room into the world. In the short time we have been blogging, we have met many dogs and bipeds who we now call friend. We don't know anything else we could do that would give us so much joy and meet so many new friends without leaving the comfort of our own home. Thank you dear friends for supporting our blogging endeavors.

We would like to pass these awards on to Khyra, Maggie and Mitch, Asta, Lucia, Hercules, Karensbrae Terriers, Footheel Sock Knitter, Madison and Two Special Wires. Most of the folks we know have already received the award. If you haven't, please feel free to take it and leave a comment letting us know you did so we can link to you in another posting.

Mom is in a hurry today. We have to go up to the Forestry Department to pick up some trees for Dad.

Happy Wheelie Wednesday,
Lilly, Piper Carrleigh and Java


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...


Tank woo!

But KHONGRATS TO WOO fur your pawesome awards AND your pawrents' pawesome work!

PeeEssWoo: I'll khover this tomorrow!

pughy said...

Hello again, congratulations on your awards. My mum agrees with the sentiments entirely. I of course do also.

Happy earth day and Happy Natonal friendship day too. ( see my blog )

Hugs Ginger Jasper x

Mason Dixie said...

Happy Earth Day and congrats on your awards.

Lucia said...

Ciao, dolci RCS and Java!

First, thank you for the meraviglioso award (mwah!!) and second, I'm sorry to have made you worry during my technical-difficulty absence! That annoying 'puter cord turned the world upside down for a few days!

La mia ragazza deeply misses my sorella of a different decade and -- if you ask me! -- paid wayyyyyy too much attention to your comment on my bloggie that you may have puppies this fall. She still loves Scotties to an extreme (although I know she loves me, too -- crazy chewer that I am!) and wanted to tell you that my Scottie sissie, Shannon's Hijinks (Jinksy for short -- and, giggle, was she ever short!), was a product of Hilray Kennels -- which we aren't sure still exist -- with a smidge of Anstamm thrown in for good measure. Do either of those sound familiar to your mama? Anyway, Jinks was a magnificent Scottie, although of course I think I am an even more magnificent Airedale. (!!) My trainer and my vet have cautioned la mia ragazza against getting another doggie until I am a year old and have calmed down just a little (note from Lucia's girl: I mark off the days on a calendar in hopes of this...!), but after THAT ... she's thinking of adding to our personal pack, so you will have to keep us posted on your Scottie arrivals!

We are so glad Obie has a new sissie!! We, too, saw the ads from Ebony's breeder (la mia ragazza clicked on them TOO MANY TIMES in my opinion!), and those pups were quite cute! (Not as cute as AIREDALE pups, but ... ah, well!)

Sorry for this very long comment! We've missed talking to our bloggie pals and are trying to catch up a bit!

Tanti baci!

Footheel Sock Knitter said...

Good Evening Everyone!
I am very honored for you including me for these 2 awards. But I have to decline, I don't have that many bloggers to send them onward to and a couple of the bloggers, I sent to last time couldn't accept, so I don't have enough people and I'm limited. I apologize for this.
I thank you so much for visiting my blog and including me in you awards. Thats an honor in it's self. Bless you all and have a good weekend. I'm starting work a day early and will be busy tomorrow - Sunday. Keep visiting, I love reading your adventures and love the Scotties.

The OP Pack said...

Congrats on two wonderful awards and we applaud your pawrents for their good earthcare habits.

Woos, the OP Pack

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