Wednesday, October 7, 2015


Celti has finally learned
that as soon as the boys go out,
she goes for a walk.
(read she has to be dragged
out of the house away 
from her puppies)

 After she has her walk,
as soon as we get
close to the front door,
Mom lets her loose
and she comes running
back into the house
to check on everyone.

She now knows 
the next order of business
is to get the bed changed
and the babies weighed.

At this stage of the game,
we weigh them twice a day.

Every one of them 
had gained almost
an ounce overnight.

 While Mom is
changing their bed,
she puts them in 
a little blanket lined box.
This is Jazzi and Pearl.

 This is Rabbie and Rory.
Rory is the largest puppy 
by about an ounce. 
Isn't it amazing how
large an ounce looks
when one only 
weighs eight ounces!!

Then they get back
into their clean bed.
Two of them decided
to do a bit of roaming today.
In fact, Jazzi has made
her way out of the puppy box
twice already!!  
And the other two
went straight under Mom.

Piper, Celti, Argie, Ivy
The Sweet Buglets

Tuesday, October 6, 2015


 You probably remember
from yesterday's blog
that we had received 
a package from

Of course Mom likes to 
hold out on us as long 
as she can so she let us
get one thing
out of the box today.

 Look at this huge bag
of treats.
We wish you had
just so you could 
smell the wonderful aroma.

Mom likes it because 
they come in a
bag with a zipper closure
that will stay fresh longer.

We say, 
"Let us at it,
we'll take care of all of them
before they can get stale!!"

Not only do these
come in a super large bag,

 Look at the size of 
those cookies!!
We think they are about
the largest ones we've
ever had.

And we know Mom
won't try any of that
breaking in two stuff
so they'll last longer, right Mom??


 We were gentlemen and a lady
so we let our little Mamma
get the first cookie.

Get a load of her eyes when 
she saw it!!
And with one gulp,
it was gone!!

 But on to other things.
Today's one of the days
we dread for our sweet babes.
It's their first trip out 
into the world.
They get their dew claws removed.
We know it hurts today 
but not as bad as it would hurt
if they tore one of them
down the road!
So its good for them,
but they don't like it.

 They look so sweet here
in their little basket,
all cuddled up,
girls on the left
and boys on the right.
(Boys are always right, you know -
at least that's what the girls
make them think!!  BOL!!)
But you should hear them,
just chattering like little birdies.

As soon as we got them home,
Mama Celti got them back
into their bed
and under her where they belong.

And the rest of us are outside
 singing in the sunshine,

Piper, Celti, Argie and Ivy

Monday, October 5, 2015


For the first three weeks,
our puppies get weighed
twice a day.

That way we can easily know
if any one of them is 
starting to loose weight.

This morning we are 
happy to say
that all of them
averaged gaining
over half an ounce
last night.

 This little man,
doesn't mind 
sharing his weight.

 This morning they all
had to have a little
pawdicure and get
new nail polish.

That's how we 
tell them apart.
From the nails 
that are polished. 

Before long,
each one will have
a collar with 
his/her name on it.

 We wanted to get a photo
of all the puppies lined up
but Rabbie and Pearl
weren't having it.

Rabbie had already 
been photographed one time
and obviously he
thought that was enough
for one day.  

As always,
they are lined up
in their birth order.
Jazzi, Rabbie, Rory and Pearl.

While we were busy 
with the puppies,
someone left this 
package on our porch.

What do you think

is in it?

Tune in tomorrow to find out.

Piper, Celti, Argie and Ivy

Sunday, October 4, 2015


 Our little 
Bailey Atticus Blue 
Rocky Creek Farm
was the smallest puppy
in the litter.  

This little guy only weighed
a tiny 3 ounces 
when he was born.

Mom had been feeding him
every two hours.  

This morning at the 7:30 feeding,
Bailey was cold but 
Mom fed him, warmed him up
and put him back
in with Celti.

She kept pushing him
out from under her 
and Mom kept putting him
back under there.

Too soon, 
Mom found what
she feared the most.

Our precious Bailey
had crossed over the 
Rainbow Bridge
to be with his 
Grandma Angel Lilly
and his 
Sister Angel Lilly.

 Since we had not been 
able to bury his 
Sister Angel Lilly,
(due to the rain storms)
Mom was able to put 
Bailey and Lilly together.

They are wrapped in
our clan tartan.

 Mom also put a photo
of their 
Aunt Becky Bluebonnet
in the box with them.

Had Bailey lived,
he was going to go
live with his
Aunt Becky.

This afternoon,
Dad will bury our tiny angels
next to our Angel Java Bean.

We are sad...
Mom can't stop crying...

But we know that this little boy
is across the Rainbow Bridge now
playing with his Grandma,
his sister and Ole Man Java.

Please keep us in your prayers
as we face the next few days.

Piper, Celti, Argie and Ivy

Saturday, October 3, 2015


As you all know, 
babies like to come during a storm.
Puppies are no different.
We were glad we had 
everything ready because
last night,
about 11:00 pm,
Celti started having puppies.

She had 3 little girls
and  3 little boys.
Unfortunately one of the 
girls was stillborn
and went immediately
to be with our Angel Lilly.

Here they are!!

Listening to the sweet sounds
of puppies cooing
on Rocky Creek Farm

Piper, Celti, Argie and Ivy

Friday, October 2, 2015


Our little Celti
will soon be three years old.
But before her third birthday,

She is going to give us a gift!!

Our little girl
is going to be a Momma!!
Her paramour is GCH RedRox Desert Fox (Ruben)
How many puppies can you
see in that full tummy?

Do you have any ideas on when
we'll be getting out the puppy basket?

Stay tuned here
for further details!!

Piper, Celti, Argie and Ivy

Tuesday, May 26, 2015


 When we got our usual email
Mom told them
we were having our 
Annual Rocky Creek Scottie Picnic.

They very kindly sent us some treats
to share with all of our Scottie furiends
and were they ever impressed!!
You should have heard all of the 
that Chewy got at our picnic!!

are for both cats and dogs.
Of course there were no cats
at our picnic!!
They are 100% all real USDA inspected meat
and made from turkey hearts.
They got a big paws up
from the "no grain" crowd.

Here's another one for both
cats and dogs - 
And we know they were a big hit
because there is nothing left
but the empty box!!

Our Mom really likes for us
to have these Buddy Biscuits
the are small (ahem)
and they are grain free and gluten free.
She thinks they are the perfect
training treat and she doesn't 
mind getting them on her hands
since she doesn't have to worry about
the "wheat factor".
And our friends enjoyed them too!!

We were all pretty well behaved
when we thought there was a treat involved.

Blue Bits are really yummy!!
And another great one for 
getting your Scottie to "sit pretty"!!

Mom said every time she turned around
some doggy wanted a treat!!

And we had plenty of treats to go around
thanks to Chewy!!

There were even treats to send home.

 We liked the fact that all of the treats
were all natural like these oven baked

And no doggie went home with bad breath
thanks to grain free Greenies!!

Even Mom got in on the fun 
with some cool Chewy glasses
that matched her shirt.

we just can't thank you enough.
You made our picnic
extra special.

We wish you could have been here.

The Rocky Creek Scotties

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