Monday, October 15, 2012


 This morning,
many of you may
have seen
The Today Show.
They talked about 
traveling with your pets.
It's a very serious topic
and we want to continue 
where they left off.

 Like many of you,
we love to travel 
with our peeps,
but we want to travel safely.

 Where we live,
out in the country,
we tend to see a lot
of people with dogs
in the back of their pickups
and we always wonder
how these dogs maintain
their composure if their owner
has to make a really quick stop.
Rarely are they secured
in any way.

 When we get ready to travel,
our truck gets really packed down
and we all know that
we'll either be wearing
harnesses and seatbelts
or in a crate.

 A dog should not 
ride in the front seat
because if the airbag ever deployed
it could seriously injure the dog.
Lilly has broken this rule
many times.
But she is always strapped in.

 As you can see,
Lilly wears a harness
when we travel.
 According to 
The Today Show,
there are no harnesses made today,
that really protect dogs like they should.
But we feel that anything
is better than nothing.
A dog that is not secured
while it is riding
is not only a distraction
to the driver,
but becomes a projectile
during an accident.

 We have seat belt leashes
that hook into the seat belt
and then hook onto our harnesses.

 Not only are they great in the car,
they are handy to use when we get out
because we are already leashed up
and ready to go.

 If we are not 
harnessed and leashed 
to a seatbelt while traveling,
we are always crated.

Even though,
we are all microchipped,
we never leave our house
without some type of identification
on our collar.
This is especially important
while you are traveling.
And it is extremely important
for a traveling dog to wear a collar -
even if you're just going
to the corner store.
A dog that is involved
in an accident
or one that gets 
separated from his peeps
is really scared
and hard to catch.
if he's wearing a collar,
it makes it so much easier.

We just want you all
to stay safe.

Lilly, Piper and Ivy 


Miss Jean said...

Thanks for posting this information. In California it is against the law for dogs to be untethered if they are riding in the back of a truck. However, it's one of those laws that the local law enforcement don't always do anything about because of all the other stuff they need to be doing.

Anonymous said...

Great post. Dad makes ride in the back seat all the time. I don't like the car so I ride in the floor, Goof Ball bites goes wherevery his lease will let him go.

Your Pals
Susie & Bites

Pees; How is Argyle and his mom doing here in OKC?

Miranda said...

Thanks for posting this! Darcy has a seatbelt harness, but I really like your leashes that hook onto the seat belt. We may have to invest in one! :)

Sam said...

I'm going to have to look into those seatbelt leashes - I haven't seen those before. We haven't found anything the boys are comfortable with, but we always strap them in. You never know if you have to stop on a busy road to change a tire, and we don't want the boys getting into traffic!


Holly said...

What a very smart post you put up today! I'm a bad mom...the three of them ride in the back seat, but they are free to roam about the cabin. You may have shamed me into reconsidering, especially since your Mom was so kind as to give us travel leashes when we came to visit. On a good note, they travel in the car with us all the time.

kmp said...

great post, rocky creek scotties! i have a harness that is made for seatbelting, but mum agrees that those seatbelt leashes are pretty cool! i'm always strapped in though, since an unfortuante event when i was a pup and fell out the car window! mum never got over the shock and worry from that one, hence - always seatbelted!

edgar & his safety-first mum

Bouncing Bertie said...

Thanks for this post. I travel in the boot of the Mini, which is big enough for me to turn around and stretch out, just, but not so big that I travel very far if Gail has to brake suddenly. It's OK I guess, although I would of course prefer to have the full run of the car!
Toodle pip!

Two French Bulldogs said...

Thank you for the important safety reminder
Benny & Lily

scotsmad said...

Good advice. Our here, big dogs are always riding on the backs of trucks. The must be secured. But that is only a recent law. Until then dogs would often fall off and be killed or badly injured.

XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

YankeeQuilter said...

Mac likes to ride in the car but has fit if he is in the back seat. Fortunately he wears a harness and in my car I am able to disable the passenger-side airbag! (my Dh thinks it is embarrassing that he has to sit in the back seat when the three of us drive in the car but neither of us want to listen to that awful howl for the entire trip!)

Mitch and Molly said...

What great information, guys! We can never be too safe!

Love ya lots,
Mitch and Molly

allyk said...

So True. The part about the tag even though the dog is chipped is important. I know because my poor doggies got out of our yard one day and they had licenses but no tag with a name and phone number. I was lucky enough to find Mr. Fox as he was dropped off at the shelter after being hit by a car. That's how he lost his eye. We are going to work on the seat belt part.
Alyssa, Mr. Fox & Scruffy said...

Lots of great information! We always wear a harness which has a loop for the seat belt to go through. Safety first!

Angus said...

Great advice. In France it's the law to have a dog grille between the driver and any canine travelling companions.

Anonymous said...

Very informative post!! We never sit up front when in the car but we aren't buckled in at the back - mom is going to see if she can try source those special leads you wrote about.

Thanks for the grrrreat post!!
Wally & Sammy

Sue said...

A great and very important post. We all are microchipped and wear our ID tags too. We ride behind a doggie barrier in the car or we have harnesses with seat belt attachments.

Mom hates to see dogs loose in the back of trucks or leaning way out open windows.

We're glad you ride safely.
Morgan, Sebastian and the Porties

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