Saturday, March 21, 2009

Yesterday was "PIZZA DAY"

Mom and Dad almost always have pizza on Friday - if we don't have pizza we usually have some type of Italian food and we all love it. Yesterday Mom had a migraine so instead of making her usual delicious pizza with homemade crust, Dad stopped by the grocery store and brought home a couple of frozen pizzas. Mom had some extra pepperoni in the fridge so after we tasted it to make sure it was "fit for human consumption" Mom put some of it on the store bought pizza and cooked it in the oven. I could hardly wait for it to come out!!
Here's a picture of me (Piper) waiting for the pizza to cool down so we could have a taste. I always stand on my hind legs to let Mom know that I'm so excited that I can hardly wait (and she doesn't have to bend over too far to put the pizza in my mouth!)

This morning Mom let Carrleigh and me go outside to play in our pen. Mom is trying to keep me and Lilly separated since she "doesn't want any summer puppies" so Lilly sat on our crates and watched us play through the window - you can see on the window where we have scratched all of the paint off the sill with our toenails. Mom has plans to paint it this spring, but she keeps saying she doesn't want to do too much work on this old house because she and Dad plan on tearing it down and building a new one in about 3 more years.

Here's a
picture of the house where we live now. I think we've already told you that our Mom's Grandfather built it for his bride in 1898. After Mom's grandparents passed away, her parents bought the house and the farm that it's on - this is where Mom grew up and she thinks it's the most wonderful place on this earth. She and Dad thought we were going to be able to keep the house, but since there is a lot of termite damage, they are going to replace it - the house they have picked out to build in it's place looks a lot like this house where we live now. Originally Mom and Dad had thought they would save part of it for a guest house and build a new house on another spot on our farm, but after they started looking closely at the condition of the house, they decided that it must come down. And it is standing on the perfect spot for a house.

Dad is out working on the farm today - the silly cattle messed up their water trough so water just overflows and doesn't stop. Dad's real good at repairing things so I'm sure it won't take him too long to fix it. He is starting to get a touch of "Spring Fever" and wants to start plowing the garden. It won't be long now before we'll have those little green onions that Mom and Dad love so much - they say I can't have any because onions are toxic to dogs.

Have a fabulous weekend - get out and enjoy the sun. I need to get out and start supervising Dad.

Piper (the prancer)


Maggie and Mitch said...

What a cute house! Mom is in love with the porch! She wishes she had one just like it!
We normally get pizza once a week too, Piper, but it's usually on Saturday! We love pizza as much as you guys do!

Love ya lots
Maggie & Mitch

Mason Dixie said...

Such history in that house, sucks you have to tear it down. Good luck with supervising. =)

Rocky Creek Scotties said...

Yes, we agree it is a shame that we have to tear this house down, but we plan on doing the demolition ourselves so that we can put some parts of it in our new house.

Lisa Trevino said...

Mommy and Daddy have a beautiful farm. I'm sure the next house will be just as pretty as the one I was born in.


Lucia said...

Ciao dolci amici!

That's a lovely house, and it's a shame it has to come down. I'm glad to hear you'll be able to incorporate parts of it into your new house when it's built. Mia ragazza says she thinks I am single-pawedly taking down our house because of my constant chewing, so if you need some help just give me a shout...(!!)

Tanti baci!

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