Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Our HuMom is Sort of Strange.....

....but we love her.

Sometimes we think o
ur Mom does the strangest things but we know it is only for our good. Can you imagine how humiliated Lilly is to be dressed like this? As we've told you before Mom doesn't want any "summertime puppies" because Dad is a teacher and he gets the whole summer off from school and we all want to travel. When Piper gets crazy and starts chasing Lilly around Mom makes her wear little boys underpants and sticks her tail through the fly. She is so glad she only does this at home. She would hate for anyone to see her dressed like this (and Mom is putting this picture on the internet for the whole world to see - imagine that). If Piper gets too "off the wall" she puts Vicks salve on his nose - anyone coming over would think we all had really bad colds!

We have been playing around with our photo program again. Mom took a picture of Carrleigh (through the screen window) playing in our pen and then she saved it to look like a chalk drawing. We heard that Dad has been showing her a better photoshop program - we just hope she doesn't spend our treat money for it. Isn't Carr pretty? - And this was before she had her spring grooming.
Rain and floods are forecast for the rest of this week at Rocky Creek Farm. We better get out and enjoy the dry earth while we can. Lilly doesn't like to get her feet wet so Mom has to drag her off the porch when its raining. And it's all but impossible for Mom to hold an umbrella along with three leashes. Maybe while we're all sequestered inside she will make us some hamburgers like Maggie and Mitch's Mom did for them - we can only hope.

TaTa for now.

Lilly, Piper Carrleigh and Java


Maggie and Mitch said...

Our paws are crossed that you guys all get hamburgers! They were sure yummy!
We can't believe your mom had the nerve to post your picture all over the internet of you in BOY'S underwear, Lilly! How mortifying for you! OMG!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

karensbrae said...

How could your mum post that picture!!!
We have been having lots of rain and wind.

Mason Dixie said...

Awe you poor thing, I am glad when I am in heat mom does not do that to me. and to take a picture to boot. ugh

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