Thursday, March 12, 2009

This is our first time to blog

Good Afternoon,
Lillybug reporting,

I am a black Scottish Terrier that lives on a farm in Virginia that my huMom thinks is the most beautiful place in the world. She tells me all the time that I am an answer to a childhood dream that she had. As soon as she brought me home to live with her, I became the alpha dog. What self-respecting, 6 pound Scottie puppy would be afraid of a huge (110 pound) Labrador Retriever that had lived with Mom and Dad for 9 1/2 years before I came along? Since Mom and Dad got me, we have traveled to other places to get the 2 Wheaten Scotties that live with us.

When I was about a year old, we went to Ohio to get Piper. What a scrawny little thing he was!! My birth father was a Wheaten Scottie so I knew Scotties came in this color, but I thought Mom should get another black one. I got to ride on Mom's lap all the way to Ohio to get Piper and then as soon as she got him, she put me in the crate. I let her know right away that I was the one who would ride in her lap and Pipe should go in the crate. She soon got it figured out.

About 6 months after we got Piper, my breeder, Carolyn called Mom to let her know that she had an adult female Wheaten Scottie that needed a home. She asked Mom to take her and I couldn't believe it when Mom said she would. Before I knew it Carrleigh had come to live with us. Sometimes Carrleigh and I don't get along very well and I have to show her who's boss. As soon as we take a sparring stance, Mom is there telling us to "quit that grumbling". If Mom would leave me alone with her long enough, I could show her where her place is too. Everyone needs to know that I'm the "queenie".

We've just had our dinner of eggs scrambled in olive oil, cottage cheese and some kibble. Mom says the olive oil and protein helps keep our coats looking pretty. Mom needs to start dinner for her and Dad now so I'm sure she'll help us with this blog again soon.



Maggie and Mitch said...

We can't wait to introduce you guys to all of our friends! You're too cute!
Welcome to the blogging world!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

karensbrae said...

Terriers are always the top dogs. Hope we can follow your blog.

ScamperingScotties said...

You guys are too cute-- I just found your blog and am now following you!

I have two Scotties as well a wheaten and a black-brindle one.

Rocky Creek Scotties said...

Welcome - we're so glad you're here.

Lilly, Piper and Carrleigh

Lisa Trevino said...

Oh my goodness, my daddy has a blog page!!! It's me Obie!! You can be sure I'll be checking in from time to time!!


Obie Trevino

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