Monday, October 12, 2015


 Yesterday was a 
dreary day.

But it smelled good 
at our house.

Celti has had a hard time
finding something
that she liked to eat.

Mom is an "old hand" 
at making homemade dogfood.

So she started cooking 
up rice and beef
and before long
we all got a treat!!

 Needless to say,
we all loved it.
Mom's homemade dogfood
is the best -
and so healthy for us
with no additives.

Looks like your favorite
fried rice from a nice
Asian restaurant, doesn't it?

Mom says if she gets hungry 
she can even have a bit for lunch!!

This morning dawned brighter -
the sky is blue
and the trees are so vibrant!!

And the puppies are enjoying
their Mom's attention.

Three of them are sleeping 
while one gets a bath from Mama Celti.

Piper, Celti, Argie, Ivy
The Sweet Babes


Holly said...

I love fall at Rocky Creek, especially with puppies in the mix!!!

Linda said...

I bet Celti chowed down on your homemade! Love the photo of her with her kids, she's such a good mama!

Vicki M. said...

Fall at Rocky Creek is always beautiful and especially more beautiful with new puppies!

Bella Roxy & Macdui said...

Yum, fried rice.

Whitley Westie said...

Looks tasty! Da rice dat are, not da puppies. :)

FinleytheWestie said...

Dat fud looks delish!!

And dose pups is adorabull!!!

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