Monday, October 19, 2015


This morning
when Mom 
first looked in on
The Sweet Buglets,
three were nestled
between Celti's legs
and Rabbie was sleeping
at Celti's head.

Of course as soon
as Mom got the camera,
Celti had 
to look up
at the flashy beast.

 But we still got
some pretty sweet photos
of our precious babes.

All hugged and snuggled and 
keeping warm together 
with their Mom 

 And Mr. Rabbie being
all independent
and smiling.

But soon all of this
tranquility came to a 
screeching halt!!

Monday morning means

And it was just one
of those Murphy days.

Winston was first
and he did pretty well
on his pawdicure.

Next came Rabbie and
he did excellent
but "MOM"
painted the wrong
toenails on Rabbie
so now he has all of 
his toenails painted
on his front paws.

Then came Miss Jazzi,
who had to talk about everything
that was going on.

And Pearl followed suit.

But the biggest thing 
that happened
was that as soon
as we put them in the little box
so we could clean their bed
is that someone
decided it was time 
to "GO".


Everyone got their first spongebath!!

And poor little Winston was
on the bottom of the puppy pile
just sleeping away 
through all of this - 
until it became his turn to 
get a spongebath -
he was not impressed!!

Now they are all back
in their nice, clean bed
with the baby powder
 (maybe a little extra)
between the sheets.

Celti is watching 
over them as they 
rest from their
morning excursion!!

Piper, Celti, Argie, Ivy
The (not so)Sweet (smelling) Buglets


Holly said...

Is that Winston closest to the camera in that last picture!? What a round little ball of wonderfulness is he?!?!

Vicki M. said...

Oh my goodness....sounds like a true Murphy Monday!
They are all just precious. They're growing too fast...Celti
surely is a great Mom!!

Bella Roxy & Macdui said...

Awakened for a spongebath. Learning that life can have some surprises!

Two French Bulldogs said...

Precious little ones
Lily & Edward

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