Tuesday, February 1, 2011


We know many of you
are in blizzard conditions today
and we hope you can enjoy your snow
in a safe manner.
Please tell your Peeps
to be careful
if they must go to work.

This time last year,
we were in the midst
of one of the worst Winters
to hit our neck of the woods
for many years.

The snow was so deep
that wild turkeys
would walk from the top
of the snow
and come across our porch.

We took pity
on a little raccoon
that hung around our house.
Mom would throw fruit peelings
and vegetables out for him.
Even though she fed him,
he still girdled
some of our lilac bushes
killed them.
It was a harsh winter
and we don't blame him -
he had to keep warm too.

But inside our house,
there was a lot going on.
Mom was getting ready
to serve as a midwife.

And Piper was starting to pace the floor-
he had to be kept in the "waiting" room -
out of the maternity ward.
We had no idea
that we were expecting
puppies -
we just knew
Carrleigh was one huge gal.

To see a recap
of the year in the life
of one of our puppies,
Becky Bluebonnet,
please visit
The Strawberry Mallard.
The more comments you leave,
the more chances you have to win -
and the prizes are spectacular.

Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Ruairi


~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

HELLO!! Of course I remember that storm too--I would have taken pity on that poor little raccoon too, and am glad that you did!! Icey weather is supposed to hit us this evening--Do you think the groundhog will see its shadow tomorrow??

pajudie said...

Icy here in central PA and we're staying inside - nice and cozy. Worse in the midwest - I talked with a friend in Rapid City, SD, yesterday and it was -3 with ice and snow - yuck. At least it's not that cold here :o) Keep warm -
Judie, Duncan & Hamish

Benny and Lily said...

We can't believe it was a year ago. We love seeing the kids growing up
Benny & Lily

Jazzi said...

Yep, that year really zoomed right by. I remember when they were born and little Jasmine was the cutest, hehehe. We will zip right over to Beckys.


Cheryl, Indiana, Shingo and Molly said...

We hope efurone stays warm and safe too! We had so much fun watching those puppies grow!!

Woofs and Kisses!
The Fiesty Three

♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

We remember that time a year ago - exciting but a lot of work too.

We have all that snow here now, our furnace has decided to be cantankerous. Mom is waiting for the heating tech to come and Dad is supposed to be on his way home from work. Conditions are not good here at all, but you know we do love the snow.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

Ginger Jasper said...

This time last year was exciting at your place and I remember it well.. All those babys.. That racoon is cute.. Hugs GJ xx

Sue said...

We remember the first post before all the pups had arrived. Then your Mom had to post a second count.
Morgan, Tsar and the Porties

houndstooth said...

We're in the middle of what they're calling Snowmageddon now! They say it is the worst storm that will hit here in recorded history. Yikes! If we could bear to go outside, I don't know if we'd see any animals that need food or not, but we're not taking any chances!

Those sure were some cute puppies!


scotsmad said...

We only started to READ blogs straight after the pups were born. The year has gone quickly.

XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

Clive said...

Can't believe it was a whole year ago! The months sure fly in!

It is lovely to see them so grown-up now.

take care
Clive and Murray

Maggie and Mitch said...

It's Connecticut's turn for the worst winter year that we can ever remember!
We remember the pups being born at your house like it was yesterday!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Bouncing Bertie said...

Wow that raccoon is cute. We don't see them on this side of the pond. Are they fun to chase??
Toodle pip!

BRUTUS said...

The time has flown by so fast - hard to believe that was a year ago already! And that Carmen will soon be a year old too!! So wonderful to watch them grow up, but still it would be nice to keep them puppies forever!!


Asta said...

Dawling Scotties
You have had quite a yeaw and a lot to be pwoud of.Pipew and Cawwleigh(well, mostly Cawwleigh, hehehehe) did a pawsome job
Those pups wewe and awe faboolous.
I hope you all stay wawm and toasty doowing this cold wintew.
smoochie kisses

Deborah said...

Adorable here! I love it!!
Thanks so much for sharing our excitement with us over Bella and her soon-coming puppies!!
Im following your own blog too now.
Im (purehunnybee)

Deborah :)
From Meadowland Scotties
With all my heart...Deborah

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