Wednesday, September 22, 2010


There are a lot of signs
showing up at our house
that point to Fall.

We see Kandy Korn
and peanuts on our kitchen table -
and occasionally we get to have some.

The leaves on the trees are starting
to turn beautiful colors.

And Mom has started
searching for our Halloween costumes -
we hope we hid them well this time.

Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Ruairi


Asta said...

Hi Lily Pipew Cawwleigh and WUaiwi,

I love so many things about fall
All the stuff you showed, plus the fwesh aiw and the smell of fiweplaces and Mommi being happy that she's not melting, heheh
smoochie kisses

♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

We think summer is forgetting to go away from us - still hot and muggy, but soon we hope. We feel the same way about Halloween costumes as you do. We are hoping the Momster doesn't have time to make any plans for us.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

Sue said...

We haven't seen any signs yet. It's still in the high eighties here and all the leaves are crunchy brown. No pretty colors for us this year.

Our Mom gets hungry for apples this time of year so maybe she'll make something we can all enjoy as we dream about cooler weather

Jazzi said...

Oh yah I have been getting some candy corn too sometimes, it is lip smackin..good. My mom has been searching for costumes and has it down between 2. Either one is fine with me, so we will see what we decide on.


Ms. ~K said...

We have also seen some signs of fall, but it's still so hot here in GA!
95 degrees and smog alert in ATL yesterday!

Sally said...

Hellloooo! Sorry we have been away so long - thank you for not forgetting us! Your Autumn looks lovely - but it is still warm and sunny here - so we are a little confused at when it plans on starting over here. It is our favourite time of year! We would like it more if we had candied corn though ;-)

Sally and Paddy

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

HELLO!!!! I've missed your posts and it's good to see one from you!!! I love the costume pics, and would gladly give a treat for any kind of a trick or not!!

Of course not being too far from you we are also enjoying the signs of fall too--But today at lunch it was a doggy (balmy?) 90 degrees! Feels like summer, but the nights are cool enough that my feet need to be warmed by one of the pups! Hope your week is going well!!

Benny and Lily said...

Mom loves that candy corn..ugh! costumes
Happee Wednesday
Benny & Lily

♥I am Holly♥ said...

We love fall too!! We haven't seen any sign of it yet's been in the 90's again here! Lots of love, Holly and mom

The Teacher's Pets said...

We love fall just as much as you do except you wouldn't believe how hot and sticky it was here in NH today! The leaves are changing colors and the pumpkins are sitting on lots of front steps so I know it is autumn despite today's weather!

Ginger Jasper said...

Its getting cooler by the day here. I am not looking forward to winter.. I know what you mean about costumes.. Hugs GJ x

Samantha said...

I don't know HOW we've missed your posts! It has been waaaay too long and we're so sorries! Nice that you are getting some fall colors there - your farm looks so beautiful! And the puppers look very "seasonal" in their halloween finery! Like Ginger, above, we also know what you mean about the costumes!
Hugs xoxoxo
Sammie and Avalon

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

I don't think Mother Nature got the memo -

It was low 90's here today -


PeeEssWoo: Paws khrossed woo've hidden the khostumes sufficiently!

Maggie and Mitch said...

What a beautiful farm scene! We love autumn!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Kira The BeaWootiful and Mom said...

Wooos Fall! I can not wait! Someday, maybe, but not here yet....
Yum!!!! I want peanuts and candy corn too!

~husky kisses~
-Kira The BeaWootiful

Anonymous said...

We are planning a Pumpkin-tastic Howloween

houndstooth said...

After this summer, we are definitely ready for fall, too! I'm sure we won't get out of costumes, since we'll visit the nursing home.

Mmmmm... Candy corn!


Wyatt said...

Fall Rocks! We like all the seasons, but autumn is extra special! Can't wait to see your halloween costumes!

Wyatt and Stanzie

TwoSpecialWires said...

Summer officially turned to autumn tonight, but really it happened this morning. We went from hot and dry to cool and damp today. Moma had to close the windows and turn off the fans, and we've been sleeping under blankies all day. While Moma has been reading recipes in the Dinwiddie Cookbook! Yum! She's making a grocery list! What's YOUR favorite recipe?

Hoping for homemade doggie treats,
Jake and Fergi (we miss you!)

Angus said...

Is it imagination or do the seasons seem to race around more quickly every year. It only seems like a month ago that you were waiting for the pups to arrive!

Bouncing Bertie said...

Pretty countryside. I am looking forward too my first Fall/Autumn!
Toodle pip!

AshTreeCottage said...

My Mama is always trying to dress me up too. Isn't she silly?


Remington said...

Oh yes, Fall is in the air here too! Candy corn, hot apple cider and the fireplace going today....raining and cold outside.... We haven't started to watch ghost stories yet so I don't think Beth has look for a costume for me yet. I can't imagine what I will be this year! Enjoy this first day of Fall, my friends.

the booker man said...

summer is NOT going away at my house. boohoo. maybe if you send some of those super delish candy corn 'n peanuts my way, summer will get the hint?? heehee.

the booker man

Lallee said...

Something tells me your mama knows where your hiding places are. Just guessing--time will tell.

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